High Performance and
low costs

We focus on simplicity and efficiency, building and offering you the foundations to kickstart your ideas without you needing to spend a lot.

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Our focus

These bulletpoints show what our focus is and why they are great for you - but see for yourself.

Instant Setup

You need to quickly deploy a new server? No worries, withing 30 seconds you can deploy a new one, running on fast hardware.


A snappy and responsive user interface are the things powering you to do great stuff. Don't waste time with clunky controls.


We want you to succeed and we know our craft. Don't worry, we've got your back. Our experience provides you with a solid foundation.

Affordable Price

We want to make it easy for everyone to launch. Affordable pricing but a reliable service are the two things you need.

Choose Your Plan

You can freely configure your server - or choose one of the plans we've prepared for you?

Powerhost is build for you

With years of experience building a sleak user experience and moderizing the way we work with server, we've build an interface that's constantly improving. Our support staff helps you with dedication and passion, trying to resolve any problems you can have.

What Customers Say About Us

We pride ourselves with our customers. We want you to believe us, so we let our customers speak.

Why Choose Us

We can confidently say that we know what we are doing. Here are the 3 things we focus on the most.

User Experience

Don't struggle with an interface, just login and feel at home, everything is where you expect it to be.


We keep prices low but performance in mind. Noone wants a slow server and noone needs it. We focus on sourcing fast and quality components

Highly Secure

We value your data, whatever it may be, it's safe with us. Using modern encryption standards and a decked out backup solution. We care about your private data.